How to Play Slot Games

A slot machine which is also known as puggy, poker machine, fruit machine, the slots, pokies in different places and casually known as wheel of fortune is used in real world casino rooms as well as in online casino rooms for gambling.

It contains three or more reels that are to be spinned for winning cash or even jackpot. The spinning requires some amount of money to be paid which is bet. The slot machine has an inbuilt currency detector to verify the authenticity and validity of the currency used to play.

Some machines require cash in order to play whereas some require a ticket which has a barcode printed on it.

A person wins when a combination of symbols appears on the screen as mentioned on the pay table at Situs Slot.

How to play slot games?

  1. Minimum bet on most of the machines are of 1 cent, 5 cents, 25 cents, or $1.
  2. Pick those slots which seem attractive and supports your selected bet.
  3. Upon choosing the denomination, insert paper money. Slots machine does not accept coins and cards.
  4. After inserting money, the amount will be show the on the screen.
  5. Now choose how many reels you would like to play. More the number of reels, more chances of winning will be there.
  6. Now you have to select the bet per line. For example, playing two lines for five credits each will be $10 per spin.
  7. Spin the reels. Keep spinning till you want to.
  8. In case, some amount of money is left after you have finished playing, the cash out window will proceed with a printed receipt which can be redeemed for either cash or casino card. If you are playing in an online casino, the balance amount will be automatically transferred to the next machine.

Tips for having constant success rate in slot games are: 

  1. Begin by playing at low stakes so that you can know about the working procedure of the game as well as do not get demotivated even if you lose some games at starting. It helps in keeping you free from unwanted stress and does not make you feel overwhelmed instead it helps in making you a successful player in the long run.
  2. Be patient while playing Situs Slot because you will not win every game. Each game requires patience so that you can play with a calculative mind instead of wasting money.
  3. Don’t play when you’re tired because you won’t be able to give it your undivided attention and may put on stake a huge amount of money and even lose it. Play it only when you’re able to concentrate.